Fall 2019 Online Classes Announced

St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College

On-Line Courses Fall, 2019

            St. Joseph of Arimathea College, the Seminary of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, will, once again, offer several on-line Seminary courses for all Postulants, interested Clergymen, and the Laity for the Fall Semester of 2019.  These courses are designed especially for Postulants of the APCK preparing for their canonical examinations but are also for clergy who wish to take advantage of continuing education and Laity seeking to gain a greater knowledge of their Faith.  The fee for each course is $250 (for credit, which includes written assignments, quizzes, and exams) and $50 to audit (no credit).  Scholarships are available through the Seminary on an as needed basis.

Textbooks, if required, can be purchased through Amazon.com or another leading bookseller.  Please email Bishop Upham at Bishopupham@gmail.com to obtain access information, where to mail your payment, and/or to apply for a scholarship.  We appreciate your interest and participation in this program of the Anglican Province of Christ the King.

As previously, all courses will be offered via ZOOMUS.com, a platform which is recordable and live, which provides immediate student/teacher interaction and seems to be a great platform for us.  It costs the students nothing.  They receive an email “invitation” via their email and then simply click the link to join the meeting.  You will receive more information when you sign up for a course.

            The courses offered for the Fall 2019 semester are: 

 1) Old Testament I (The Torah), taught by Fr. Michael Mautner, Rector of St. Peter’s, Oakland, California.

            “You mean all that not eating pork and stuff – that’s in the Bible?!”

            Indeed it is. The Pentateuch – the first five books of the Old Testament – is called in Hebrew HaTorah: The Law. Its statutory component of approximately 613 Divine Commandments is embedded in a narrative that starts with the Creation and ends with the death of the books’ traditional author, Moses, on the eve of the Israelite invasion of the land of Canaan. For Jews, it has always been the most important part of scripture; and, in Jesus’ time, the Torah was the one set of writings regarding whose sacred character all the factions in Roman-occupied Judea (Sadducees, Pharisees, et.al.) were agreed. 

This course will center on the Torah’s commandments, with an eye toward the structure of its surrounding narrative. Modern theories of composition will be touched upon, but the goal of the course will be to arrive at an understanding of, and appreciation for, the religious and legal context in which, and often about which Jesus preached and Paul and Luke wrote. Our Lord’s healing miracles, his dialogues with gentiles, women, and lepers, and some of Paul’s Torah-based arguments and images will be considered, as well as the “problem of gentile believers” in the first 15 chapters of the Acts of the Apostles. 
            The course assumes knowledge only of the parts of the New Testament just referenced. The instructor will rely on the Authorized Version (King James), JPS (Jewish Publication Society), and the first volume of Professor Robert Alter’s “The Hebrew Bible.” Students may use any translation of the Pentateuch already in their possession. 

(NB - This course (OT I) is required of Permanent Deacons, Transitional (Regular) Deacons, and Priests (a great refresher course)).

2)  Spiritual Formation I – THE DIACONATE, taught by Bishop Upham, Rector of St. George’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Raleigh, NC.

This course is dedicated to the formation of Deacons within the Province and to the many and varied aspects that comprise a vocation to the Diaconate, as well as the historical, theological, and pastoral characteristics of the Office of Deacon.  Far more than being a “baby priest” or a “half priest”, this course will focus on the fulness of the Office of Deacon; his specific responsibilities, functions, and duties in that Office, and his relationship with regard to Priests and Bishops.

The course will begin on Monday evening, September 9th at 7:00 pm Eastern via the ZOOMUSA.com platform and will continue through Monday evening, November 25th.  Final papers, similar to those required of Spiritual Formation II (Priesthood), will be due Monday, December 2nd for those who take the course for credit.   

(NB - This course (Spiritual Formation I) is required of Diaconal Aspirants, Postulants, Permanent Deacons, and Transitional (Regular) Deacons.  Deacons who have not taken this course should consider it mandatory.)

 3)  Ecclesiastical Latin III & IV, taught by Bishop Ashman, Rector of Church of Our Saviour, Los Angeles, California. 

            Latin III & IV is a continuation for those who were enrolled in Latin I & II last semester (Spring 2019).  If you currently have a background in Ecclesiastical Latin, it may be possible to enroll in Latin III & IV with the permission of Bishop Ashman.  Please be sure to contact him before classes begin if you would like to do so.  All Latin and Greek courses have been designed to provide ample opportunity for individualized instruction as needed.  Latin will help you in all aspects of your life. 

4)  Ecclesiastical Latin V, taught by Bishop Ashman, Rector of Church of Our Saviour, Los Angeles, California.

            Latin V is a continuation of Latin I, II, III, and IV for those who wish to use their Latin to read many early works of various Latin religious scholars and Ecclesiastical works, such as the Vulgate and the Missal.

5)  NEW, NEW, NEW – Biblical Greek I, taught by Bishop Ashman, Rector of Church of Our Saviour, Los Angeles, California.

            Biblical Greek I will focus on the rudiments of learning to read, write, and understand Koine Greek, the language in which the New Testament was originally written.  Bishop Ashman has arranged his busy schedule so as to offer this course for those students who would like to be able to read the original biblical language and understand the Scriptures more thoroughly for preaching.  Like Latin, Greek is a very valuable tool for those who are engaged with Holy Scripture.       

            To obtain access information, where to mail your payment, and/or to apply for a scholarship, please send an email to:


            Please mail your payment, made out to St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College ($250 for credit or $50 for audit) to:

St. Joseph’s Seminary, c/o Canon Ben E. Jones, Registrar

St. George’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral

1210 Dixie Trail

Raleigh, NC  27607

            We appreciate your interest and participation in this program of the Anglican Province of Christ the King and St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College.