The Most Reverend Frederick G. Morrison

The Most Reverend Frederick G. Morrison

The Most Reverend Frederick G. Morrison

The Archbishop of the Province of Christ the King is The Most Reverend Frederick G. Morrison elected as Archbishop in July 2015.  The Archbishop is a Church of England Priest who joined the Diocese of Christ the King in late 1984 at the invitation of Bishop Robert Sherwood Morse.

Priestly formation:

  • Attended Lichfield Theological Seminary in the United Kingdom.

  • Began ministry in a well-known Anglo-Catholic parish in the south of England.

  • Ordained Deacon in 1961

  • Ordained to the Priesthood in June 1962, continuing on for four more years in the same parish.

Parish & Community experience:

  • In June of 1966 Archbishop Morrison took a commission in the Royal Air Force Chaplain’s
    Branch and served with units in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Germany and in the
    UK. He was also on the Staff of the Royal Air Force Chaplain’s College.

  • Commission completed - the Archbishop became the Rector of 13th century St. Martin’s Parish
    Church and 11th Century St. Bartholomew’s Parish Church both located in Huntingdonshire
    which is close to Cambridge. Point of interest: St. Bartholomew’s carries the scars of target practice as Oliver Cromwell’s troops exercised their cannonry skills by taking aim at the Church across the Huntingdon valley, history demonstrates their aim was none too good!

  • Later Archbishop Morrison joined the National Health Service where he served as Senior Area
    Chaplain for hospital networks in Sussex, in the south of England.

Postgraduate studies & work: 

  • Postgraduate work and studies through the Universities of Oxford and London.

  • An intensive period of study in hospital chaplaincy at St. Georges Hospital, Hyde Park, London.

  • A Fellowship of the Clinical Theology Association.

  • A graduate of Hospice & Bereavement counseling programs.

  • A member of the Marriage Guidance Council of the UK.

  • Counseling & Therapy Ministry in which Archbishop Morrison has been heavily vested. Clients
    included postulants, clergy, Military & civilian personnel, and families in parochial & diocesan

  • Retreat Work - Includes the coordination, leading and oversight of retreats for various religious communities, for parishes, for secular organizations and for military personnel.

  • As External Confessor to the leading Anglican Community of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford, UK.

Work in America

  • On arrival in the USA in May of 1985 Archbishop Morrison – went directly to Tulsa, Oklahoma and built the church and parish of All Saints, the church which was consecrated in 1988.

  • Appointed Administrator for the Southwestern Diocese

  • Member of the Provincial Standing Committee.

  • On the Board of St. Joseph of Arimathea Seminary, APCK Berkeley CA – ongoing.

  • Elected and Consecrated as the second Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Southwestern
    States in May of 2002.

  • Member of the College of Bishops from May 2002

  • Elected and installed as the third Archbishop of the Province of Christ the King in July 2015.


  • Archbishop Morrison has been married for 43 years to Jennifer an OR Nurse they have two
    sons - Nicholas & Roderick, three grandchildren: Peter, Lily & Iain, and various large dogs.