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Welcome to our Sunday School Teachers’ Forum, where Sunday School teachers in the Anglican Province of Christ the King can find practical guidance, tips, best books and activities, and share experiences with one another.


Have children’s materials available for visiting families, even if you haven’t, to that point, had a Sunday School. It is important for parents to know that we are interested in the spiritual education of children. Work with the Vicar or Rector: some will want to have the children experience the Mass with their families and the congregation, some will be open to having a Sunday School during Mass, a Children’s Sunday School might run concurrent with an Adult Sunday School.

Each parish has a different dynamic, and teachers need to be comfortable with what their program and location. If they don’t enjoy teaching children, then children won’t enjoy learning.

Hire a nursery attendant to be ready to care for twos and under. High School students often make excellent babysitters, and if you have the space create a nursery with soft toys, cleanable area rug, diapers, etc.


1)   Offer sticker books, simple books for kids for Pre-K, and some more developed books for K-2. Beyond this, children should have a working knowledge of the Mass. For first-timers, or children unused to the Mass, offer some 3rd to 6th grade books and activities.

The American Church Union Church School Series is available for purchase, covering Pre-K through 6th Grade. These have been thoroughly vetted by the Bishops of our Anglican Province, correspond to the Church Year kalendar, and include line drawings as well as questionnaires. Visit (link) for complete descriptions and online purchase by credit card or PayPal.

2)    Publicize your Sunday School (and Nursery). Let visitors know when and where classes are held; remind the congregation through bulletin notices, the parish website, the parish Facebook page, and verbal announcements that you offer children’s instruction. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles often form the basis for a future Sunday School by bringing extended family.

3)    Offer materials in a ‘Quiet Basket’ in the entrance area of the church. Finger puppets, coloring books, sticker books, mazes, word-finds, or line drawings to color, printed from the Internet, along with coloring pencils (easiest for use in the pew) can be made available. If parents/grandparents wish the children to remain with them in church, offer these helpful materials. There are a number of Easy Reader books available through the ACU or ‘Zonderkids’.

 Idea Exchange

 What works for your Pre-K?

What works for your K-2?

What works for your 3rd-6th?

What are the favorite books in your Sunday School library?

Does your parish have a library with a section for children? What books do you have?

What are your go-to Internet sites for Sunday School inspiration and activities?

What do you do for specific Sundays such as Easter, Christmas, or Sundays where a saint is commemorated, Sundays in Advent or Lent? Other days?

Send along your ideas, favorite books, favorite activities to the Contact form on this website, indicating if you wish to have your name included with your submission or post on our Blog page.

 May Our Lord bless our teachers and our children.           

 In Christ,

 Carol Karcher, Teacher, St. Ann’s Chapel, Palo Alto, Diocese of the Western States, APCK

 Christine Sunderland, Teacher, St. Peter’s Oakland, Diocese of the Western States, APCK