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Academic Program

The Online Studies Program
In today's culture the call to serve God often comes late one's life. Many of these men are married, have families, and work full time. To make it possible for those with a sense of vocation to the ministry to attend seminary, we have provided an online course of study. To this end, a full curriculum is offered through our Online Studies Program, leading to a Masters of Theology and ordination to the priesthood.
The College believes that a sound theological education must be built upon the following three pillars:

  • academic preparation based upon Holy Scripture, the apostolic Creeds and Sacraments, liturgical heritage, and a thorough knowledge of Church history and theology;
  • worship in the Seminary chapel, where the Scholar deepens his faith through encountering the infinite mystery of Our Lord Jesus Christ in meditation, prayer, and offering the Eucharist;
  • internship in a parochial ministry or chaplaincy, where the Scholar prepares to minister to the faithful and to evangelize for the Faith.

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The Residential Summer Sessions

These two-week sessions allow the scholar to experience collegiate life through residential community and daily worship in the chapel.

The Liturgy is where time and eternity meet. The weekly cycle of the Office, highlighted by daily celebration of the Holy Eucharist, is the heart of priestly formation.

In the chapel, vocations are tested, the religious experience is deepened, and the discipline of prayer is observed. The College maintains that theology cannot be understood through lectures and literature alone. Understanding is reached through immersion in the Liturgy and worship, as well as formal study, deepening and enriching understanding of the Christian tradition. Holy Days, Ferial Masses, and Sunday celebrations incarnate the classical Christian worship of the Western tradition. Students coordinate the Daily Offices with appropriate Eucharistic celebrations. They learn how liturgy is structured and how the tradition of the Western Church has developed over the centuries.

The Liturgy of the Church does not exist as an end in itself, but through the observance of classical Anglican Liturgy, the student is deeply nourished by the Word of God spoken in the Scriptural readings of the Daily Office and the Holy Eucharist. We believe that the Liturgy of the Church is our participation in the Heavenly Liturgy offered by Christ.

Summer Session classes provide an overview of the seminary program for men testing their vocations to the priesthood. The students form a network of colleagues that will be a future source of encouragement and advice, an invaluable support system through their years of ministry.


These two programs, the Online Studies Program (September – May) and the Residential Summer Session* (usually July)  are open to:

  • men studying for the diaconate or priesthood. Those who feel called to the ordained ministry should contact their bishop to ensure that their program takes place in the context of Diocesan ministry.
  • men wishing to test and explore possible vocations.
  • parish clergy, staff, or others, men and women, interested in continuing education in the Church’s tradition in faith and practice (Online Studies Program only). Those interested in continuing education may contact:

The Rt. Rev. Donald Ashman, Provost
St. Joseph of Arimathea Theological Seminary

Please contact us for Admission requirements and scholarships.
*Please note that the Summer Residential Program is restricted to men due to our limited residential facilities.